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Girish Chawla had a privilege to study in a prestigious school in Delhi. His college degree is from “Sri Ram College of commerce”, Delhi University popularly known as SRCC. He joined his father’s business in 1993 at Rama Motors, Wazirpur Industrial area  Delhi-52. In 2007, he shifted his workplace from Wazirpur Industrial area to shop  no. 8. Convenience shoping centre AD Block, Shalimar Bagh. Delhi. He has the knowledge and experience of all the new and old cars, its sale/purchase as well as allotments. 


The facility of vehicle loan for purchase of old as well as new car from multi national banks and Indians banks is also provided.


He has a wide experience in the sector of Insurance business with all companies.  He is latest authorised agent with ” The New India Assurance Co. Ltd..”


In 2016, he showcased his talent as a writer in ‘साझा संग्रह’ published named अर्पण, and later it was also published  ‘धूप के दीप”, ” बाँसुरी” , ” समुद्र में बूँद” “स्त्री स्वर’. His beautiful “लघुकथा संग्रह’ ‘शमा ‘ got tremendous accolades. His further creation was  ” इशिका” in June 2022 a book named after his own daughter.
He had opportunities in his childhood  to perform in various stage shows.  Now as a theatre artist he has performed in various plays.  His journey as a stage perform artist began from a Punjabi play called “बुल्लेशाह” in an eminent L.T.G auditorium in the year 2018. The profilic performance in “ताजमहल का टेंडर”, “इतनी सी बात” .   The highlight of his performance journey has been in the most famous play of profound writer Munshi Prem Chand.  The play is called “ये रिश्ता”.
He has had many brilliant  opportunities to recite beautiful complications on various platforms.
” कविता पाठ”.
” मंच संचालन”,
Poems in
” पत्र पत्रिका”,
 ” समाचार पत्र”.
” लेख प्रकाशन”, 
Participating in various”विचार गोष्ठी”
In 2018, he initiated a set up for the under privileged as his contribution for the community outreach. He spread awareness to propagate importance of education among the under privileged. He set a foundation called “SHAMA” where he began to impart education to various children who were drop outs of school, were engaged in anyway in child labour. SHAMA is ” निशुल्क शिक्षा केंद्र” for students and adults.
He is also associated to an NGO named “SAMVEDNA School for special children”. SAMVEDNA deals with the people suffering from any mental health issues.
He is a partner in a firm called “KRGM Acctech Services”. 
“RAMA MOTOR CFE” is a firm from where  currently he is earning his bread and butter.

Team Members

Manish Kamra

Education – Graduated from Delhi University.

He has more than 15 years  of experience in sale/purchase of old cars.

Email – manish.kamra@ramamotorcfe.com

Phone – +919717429294

Abhimanyu Singh

Education – Graduated from Delhi University.

Working experience – worked as grievience manager with Girnarcare pvt ltd (Car dekho).
Currently working with Rama motor CFE.

Email – abhimanyu.singh@ramamotorcfe.com

Phone – +919910246818

We are not limited to just buying and selling cars. We care about every customer of us and provide quick and reliable assistance ensuring a seamless and convenient drive.

Head Office

Shop no. 8. Convenience shoping centre AD Block, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi, 110088

Branch Office

Shop no. 3, Atulya Heights, Plot No GH-12 Sector 3, Vaishali Dist., Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh(opposite shopprix mall)

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